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Wednesday 5 May 2021

How to hike or walk UCF trails (Bukit Persekutuan)

 Pulai Trail

The Urban Community Forest (UCF) is located within KL's Bukit Persekutuan (Federal Hill) and it has a number of trails suitable for outdoorsy people of all ages who are looking for a good dose of workout. Town folks need not travel far to immerse into forest bathing. UCF is a green network created by Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in partnership with Think City.

There are five trails in UCF (refer map below):

  1. Jungle Fowl ('D')
  2. Pulai ('E')
  3. Cempedak ('I')
  4. Heritage ('L' - located inside MNS compound)
  5. Thunbergia ('L' - located inside MNS compound)
These trails are not grouped together in one forest patch and to hike them all will require walking on tarmac roads too i.e. the forest patches are not contiguous but are interconnected via roads.

Here's the guide to how to hike the trails (maximising the workout duration and distance) and where to safely park your vehicle and not disrupt the traffic flow. The total length of this leisure hike/walk distance is 4 km +/- and takes about 2 hours.

(Map source: Google Maps)

Let's start with where to find parking. There are three locations:

(1) Galeria Sri Perdana car park. This is not the official name for the public parking area - in fact, it is not listed in Google Maps or Waze. The open car park is located at Jalan Terengganu, nearby Galeria Sri Perdana. Use the following as your best guide.

Google Maps: 
GPS 3.142184, 101.674326

(2) Bangsar "Jalan Rumpai Basketball Court" and along Jalan Rumpai (GPS 3.144039, 101.671781)

(3) End of Jalan Limau Purut in Bangsar Indah (GPS 3.137600, 101.676546). This is where NGO for conservation Free Tree Society resides.

Here comes the interesting bit. Using the above plotted routes map...

(1) Galeria Sri Perdana route:
A-B-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-M-A or
A-B-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-K-A (only on Saturdays when Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) opens)

Galeria Sri Perdana route
(2) Bangsar route:
N-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-M-B-C-N or
N-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-K-B-C-N (only on Saturdays when Malaysian Nature Society opens)
Bangsar route
(3) Free Tree Society (FTS) route:
F-E-D-B-M-J-I-H-G-F or F-E-D-B-K-L-K-J-I-H-G-F (only on Saturdays when Malaysian Nature Society opens) 
FTS route

Above routes are only a recommendation. Do feel free to mix and match including reverse hike/walk direction. Remember not to encroach into MNS office area but head straight to the trails (take the left after passing main gate). Watch out for oncoming cars from opposite direction when you walk on the tarmac. Should you have any enquiries regarding accessing the trails, contact MNS at 03-2287 9422); if you are there, you may walk over to UCF Resource Centre and look for En Shahril (Mon, Wed, Fri normal business hours) and Cik Wan (Sat morning only).

To know more about UCF, please read the booklet relating to this project.
Here is a cheat sheet (quick reference) to "A Guide to Hiking UCF Trails".

If you are interested to volunteer for conservation cause, head over to MNS/UCF and/or FTS.

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