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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Using Cryptomator to store confidential documents in the cloud


Storing personal documents in the cloud always raises the question of whether they are really secure - there are many who do not store them over there and prefer to continue to store locally - single drive method (the bulk of users), or Network Attached Storage (NAS).

It is almost the same fashion with backup.

Then there are those who don't really bother much with security and simply rely on services they think that are reputable and reliant. Others would pay for upgraded/premium services.

What if there is a way to store encrypted documents in the cloud with a peace of mind, and free? Seamless, that is, not "primitive" way of encrypting the files first and then upload?

To begin, let's talk about normal storage in the cloud - for this I will use TeraBox. TeraBox has recently gotten some publicity (here's one) and is gaining popularity with those hungry for free and large space. TeraBox also, like Google Drive and all, provides drive mapping i.e. creating a folder that syncs with the cloud, or simply uploads to it just by copying/saving the document into the folder without using the browser to upload it.


01 Setting up a mapped drive in TeraBox 

Figure 1

After setting up the desktop application (above is for Windows environment), click Back up to start the process.