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Sunday, 8 September 2019

A Clean-Up cum Workout at Shah Alam Community Forest (SACF)

Group photo before the start - check out the tools we brought!

The last clean-up I did was in 2014 - with Leave No Trace objectives in mind. This round, my hash walk group, Evergreen, decided to do something out of the ordinary walks and hikes. I had proposed SACF as the hash walk destination last month - Pete added on the clean-up idea after our chat group revealed a clean-up exercise (separate event) done by a member. Today we realised that clean-up mission. 

Our main target is the route MOU > The Wall > Masterpiece > Peak Garden, and we discovered the big chunk is the area near the base, or trailhead.

Personally, I was worn out from today's trip, partly due to yesterday's hike at Gunung Hitam. I have reserve energy but it ran out when I and a few did the heavyweight of grabbing, pulling, carrying, dragging, and transferring the big pieces. And loads of them...

Below are photos from our "expedition..."

Work begins