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Saturday, 20 November 2021

Mountain Ranges in Malaysia (Banjaran Gunung)


West and East Malaysia (marked)

After procrastinated for 8 "contiguous" years, I finally decided to get this done once and for all and thus closed off one chapter.

Not many articles out there show the sketches to mark the official mountain ranges; for those I could locate, I had downloaded them.

Some notes: 

  • The maps are provided by a mapping aficionado who does not know where he initially got them from
  • Mapping is estimate i.e. by no means accurate
  • Mountain range names are taken from published papers and articles (see References below)
  • They are not for sale (of course) 
  • My sketches cannot be used for navigation or as official references (thus go back to published papers and articles - as source of truth)
  • Some spelling adjusted to current day

Malaysia has a total of 18 official mountain ranges: