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Tuesday 19 October 2021

New trail from Lata Temeriak to Bukit Lentang & Underwater Tornado


Landscape view from Bukit Lentang peak (821 m)

There is no 360° all-round view at the peak but one can see Karak and beyond - roughly North till East. On a clear day, one can get to spot the Benom mountain range (banjaran Benom and its peak Gunung Benom (2,107 m - 10th highest in the peninsula) prominently. At the South side, Gunung Besar Hantu can be seen hidden among the trees.

The trigonometrical station (ala lightning hazard in case anyone thinks it is a shelter during rain) remains standing tall. 

If one spend the time to look around the clear sky, there is Bukit Raka, Gua Cinta Manis on a limestone hill, small mountain range at Maran side where Berkelah, Jerangkang and Pelangi waterfalls are. Straight ahead on the toll road is where Mentakab and beyond are.

Healthy trig station

The route to this lofty peak comes from the East side.

Yours truly near the edge of 'Devil's Pool' (Malaysian version)

Needless to say, this is high risk area - just don't go all the way to the edge, and during heavy rain (here or upstream), avoid getting into the pool as you may not have enough time to escape. The edge is the vertical rock wall where visitors call as 'lower falls' - nicer sight when there are enough rainy days.


One of the interesting sights and sounds of nature is this tiny underwater "inverse" tornado formation - tiny but with a distinctive and loud sucking noise from more than 10 metres away. If you do see notice it, do admire it but do disturb it in any way or alter any of the structure formed or built around it. Must view!

Leave no trace, that is!

Tracklog sketch on a topographical map

Here is something I want to share (and suspect many may be interested) - I and my bushwhacking mate Alan took about an hour (at leisurely pace) to create this new trail Southward from Lata Temeriak waterfalls (via the mid section where it is possible to cross without getting feet wet) and join the existing trail at the saddle before continuing West to the peak.

It is worth noting that the hike from the spur we took is more gentle than the main trail. Overall trip takes about 5 hours (lesser really) vs 7 hours (according to a source) if the main route is traversed. 

For those who want to widen this new trail, you can opt for the narrow spur (the one we trailblazed) or the wider spur (dotted line) - we so happened to select the narrow one because of how we treaded our path of least-steep; the narrow spur is located about 10 metres to the right of the wider spur - they will converge just before the junction at the ridge. At this time, do note there are two fern patches you need to bushwhack across - the second one might be easier - try look out for the 'tunnel' where crawling is easier!

Cloud and its shadow about Gua Cinta Manis hill

Btw, that view's from the peak!

More photos in my gallery at Oh, don't miss the YouTube video above...