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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

How to hike or walk UCF trails (Bukit Persekutuan)

 Pulai Trail

The Urban Community Forest (UCF) is located within KL's Bukit Persekutuan (Federal Hill) and it has a number of trails suitable for outdoorsy people of all ages who are looking for a good dose of workout. Town folks need not travel far to immerse into forest bathing. UCF is a green network created by Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in partnership with Think City.

There are five trails in UCF (refer map below):

  1. Jungle Fowl ('D')
  2. Pulai ('E')
  3. Cempedak ('I')
  4. Heritage ('L' - located inside MNS compound)
  5. Thunbergia ('L' - located inside MNS compound)
These trails are not grouped together in one forest patch and to hike them all will require walking on tarmac roads too i.e. the forest patches are not contiguous but are interconnected via roads.

Here's the guide to how to hike the trails (maximising the workout duration and distance) and where to safely park your vehicle and not disrupt the traffic flow. The total length of this leisure hike/walk distance is 4 km +/- and takes about 2 hours.