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Sunday 13 October 2019

Kemensah-Lubuk Tedung (Pondok Repin LSD trail)

Crossing Sg Kelang (Klang River)

We have an ambition to get to Genting Bidai border stone from Kemensah side but we know that will take a full day (night not excluded) and risk stuck by the swollen river, given the knowledge of heavy rain everyday during this time (transition phase for the monsoons) and we actually agreed we will walk as much as we can until we feel it is time to turn back.

Along the way, mostly ATV and scrambler-carved trails, we crossed and hiked along several rivers and streams. Usual thing.

Back home, after plotting the GPS tracklog, I see Hulu Gombak Forest Reserve has many named rivers to the east of Klang Gates dam and we crossed some of them. Some of them have their sources from nearby famous peaks, as described below.

Map showing Sg Kelang drains into Klang Gates dam (sources: Google Map and OpenTopoMap - inset & underlay)
Larger image here

  1. Lubuk Tedung is located on Sg Kelang. Google Maps do not show the start of Sg Kelang. See pic above - larger image here.
  2. Our parking was at the open car parking space (nobody collected parking fee) which is located next so Sg Semaping - that drains into Sg Kemasah (believed to be old name for Kemensah) on its south. Its sources are peaks .243 and further assisted by Sg Batu Asah from peaks .425, .527 and from Batu Kumbang (.675).
  3. The first river we crossed was Sg Gobak that originates from Bukit Chenuang (old name Cenuang 820 m) and Batu Kumbang, assisted by Sg Tajoh. It drains into Sg Tetak and then into Sg Kelang.
  4. We reached Lubuk Tedung (local name for wonderful pools of water) that is part of Sg Kelang. 
  5. After crossing Sg Kelang, we came to a campsite before the confluence of Sg Batang Kelang and Sg Songloi. Sg Songloi originates from Bukit Chenuang and along the ridge on district border while Sg Batang Kelang assisted by Sg Pemulas both of which originate from Bukit Repin-Genting Bidai-Bukit Bangkong stretch. Sg Batang Kelang merges into Sg Kelang.
  6. During lunch, we sat by the side of Sg Pemulas.
  7. Had we continue towards Genting Bidai, we are likely to cross Sg Pemulas and its tributaries several times.

The complete mapping. Larger image here.

Casual photo at the junction to Pusu and Pondok Repin LSD (photo credit: Emily Mariano)

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