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Monday, 10 December 2012

Figure 9 by Nite Ize

I would like to introduce a tool that provides convenience in tightening a rope. I once have a small Figure 9 rope tightener. And I have decided to complete my inventory by getting the large version as well. I find this simple and light device very helpful especially in camping where I need to tie a rope over tree trunks to provide a line for the flysheet. While it is usual to tie the common knots and hitches, this Figure 9 device does it quicker and uses less length of rope. Furthermore, it doesn't add a lot of weight since it is made of aluminium. 

The rope is secured using the Fixed End System (as opposed to Loop System) on the Figure 9 rope tightener. Fixed End System is appropriate for setting up a rope for flysheet.

As can be seen here, the standing end rests freely on the last prong and the inward-pointing notches keep the rope secured. If this part is loosened, the whole rope goes loose; so it is better to make another loop and thereafter tie a simple overhand knot to prevent the rope from unravel.