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Wednesday 27 February 2019

How to Import GPS Tracklog (in GPX format) into Google Maps

You need the following ready:

  1. A Google account.
  2. Be online.
  3. A desktop/laptop.
  4. A browser.

  1. Upload your tracklog file (.gpx) at
  2. After the file is uploaded, tick the checkbox "Merge output files" under Output Data column.
  3. Click "Convert now!" (green button) and download the file (in .zip format).
  4. Unzip the file to extract the KMZ file.
  5. Go to your Google Maps account. 
  6. Click Menu (3 lines) and select "Your places".
  7. Click "MAPS".
  8. At the bottom, click "CREATE MAP" (a new tab or window will open - starting with "Untitled map").
  9. Click "Untitled map" and give it a name, then click "Save".
  10. In the same box where the name is displayed, click "Import".
  11. Upload the KMZ file. Your tracklog will be displayed. 

  1. Besides the above format conversion, other formats are available.