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Wednesday 27 February 2019

A Poem on Langsir Falls (of the popular CBL)

Langsir Falls

I haven't really told many people that Langsir Waterfall in Terengganu's famous trio location Chemerong-Berembun-Langsir (CBL) is my number one camping spot with water source.

In 1998, a monk, Reverend Sujiva, attributing his love for Langsir Falls,  wrote a poem, as follows:

Those grass green waters
Fresher than the freshest I have seen.
O how they rush and pour
Down steep rock faces.
O how they splash, fall and tumble
Over steps green with moss.
And the joy, O the pure joy
Of swirling mists and sprays of water,
And the cool freshness of wakefulness
O how with joy it dances in my heart
So alike the pure joys of a Noble One
Lost in ecstasy.

He went on to comment:

People have told me about how nice this place is, and having been here, I agree It s the place for you if you want to be with Nature and have all the space and water you want. They have even labelled the trees.
We came at the right time when the guests were few and so, there were much quietness and solitude.
I have had one ecstatic moment here — that was when I was standing right in front of the Langsir waterfalls. The light around the place seemed so brilliant, the air extremely fresh and the waters were blue green. This was supplemented by the fresh green leaves all around the area. Its freshness, quietude and sprays of moisture brought about an extremely fresh kind of wakefulness that I seemed to be aware of all around me with great clarity and joy.

Poem source: Wind In The Forest by Venerable Sujiva, 1998