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Tuesday 14 May 2019

Blue (or Green) Lake at BMC Blue Lake

I would tend to believe the colour transition between blue-green is dependent on the sky, time of day and the angle of sunlight as well as where the camera is positioned. 

It seems more people are flouting to this site to catch a glimpse of the unusual view of this famous, so-called blue lake despite barriers such as military-grade barbed wire and dug trenches. Hiking there takes less than half an hour, or slightly more, for those with slower pace. That area being part of forest, it is advisable to go in with proper hiking attire - and bring water!

Do take all precautions necessary when entering this area and getting close to the lake - standing near the edge is notably dangerous. Also, getting down to the bottom is even more treacherous as rock blasting takes place in the late morning - I was told works begin at about 11 am. Numerous signboards apparently appears as no deterrence other than the presence of workers - so automatically visitors will be asked to leave. They may allow hanging around the top area but the bottom part is strictly no-no!

360° view of Blue Lake from above - pinch (or drag with mouse) to zoom in/out

An aerial drone shot by Joseph (

This believed to be from The Star media - thanks Mike Long for sharing this archive

For those who like history - what becomes of a quarry today was Bukit Enggang of yesterday - a name that is almost forgotten. Thanks Pete Leong for informing - I just didn't bother to look it out on the topo maps...

Below are some of my photos:


The trail at upper side

More incoming visitors

Surveyed edges - found no hazardous ledges

Rough terrain

Mid morning shot of a boulder



Trenches are dug to discourage visitors but not the determined ones

More of such signboards are being put up

A quiet time with the water element - the aqua colour (today) is soothing!

Higher-res photos on my website. In Facebook: