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Wednesday 6 February 2019

A Look-Back at Bukit Permatang Resam (NKVE Lookout Point) 4+ Years Ago

"Zero traffic" for a moment! 

Above is the main attraction of one of the popular peaks in Klang Valley - the NKVE expressway, whose viewpoint is roughly East-Southeast of the peak. By the way, above photo is edited - very unlikely you will see zero traffic even during 3-4 am...

Puncak Denai Tiga Puteri  was adopted by A. Adnan and family while Unity Peak was sponsored by PPB Group Berhad - they are located at the same height about a hundred meters from each other. Both are named by KDCF Society - names more friendly and better-sounding than Permatang Resam. Personally, I like to call it NKVE Lookout Point, which is the main thing.

Below are a few photos that I had from my successful bushwhacking recce trip on 21st Sept 2014. Trail cut done with Carl Dunford. 

Grass vs barren landscape

No path vs clear hiking trail

No path vs erosion (note: Soil is healthy - see width of tree trunk)

Event logs

From time to time, people asked me the history of the peak's finding and I have a hard time giving them the links to see, so I'd decided to document them here once and for all, for easy reference.

First, casual recce (5th Sept 2014)
With wife. "Today was the first attempt to locate the peak of Bukit Permatang Resam -- a casual recce. Peak identified but not reached coz had to fetch the kids from school. We're just about 150 meters away; resam kaciau!"

Facebook link: Bukit Permatang Resam Recce

Second, hardcore recce (21st Sept 2014 - completed)

With Carl. "Today's trip was a 100% success for 3 reasons: (1) Reached the peak of Bukit Permatang Resam that has a lookout point overseeing Subang/Shah Alam bound New Klang Valley Expressway, (2) Connected the trail from Taman Rimba Riang and from Kota Damansara Community Forest, and (3) Completed the loop hike-and-walk from TTR-peak-KDCF-road on Section 10-Section 9. Survey trip completed in 6 hours.

Lone joiner: Carl Dunford -- thanks for coming!

Video 360° from peak:

Facebook link: Bukit Permatang Resam Survey Trip cum NKVE Lookout Point

Third, official visit (15th Nov 2014)
With TRAKS. And Carl...

Facebook link: Bukit Permatang Resam with TRAKS

Fourth, normal hike (7th Dec 2014)
With KDCF Society. And kakis... "19 went. No rain. Slippery trail from yesterday morning rain. Rest and photography at peak. Paper trail format at Taman Rimba Riang Section 9 KDCF. Trail summary: Harmoni-Unity-Resam-Unity-Harmoni. 

Leg 1: Easy trail from TTR trailhead till end of Harmoni Trail where the shelter and benches are. [easy]
Leg 2: From Unity Trail till forked-trail to Fern Ridge route (via false peak) and Sahabat Trail from KDCF Section 10. [easy]
Leg 3: Trail gets raw; not-so-clear at some areas -- recce/retrace required. Crosses a faint stream. Ran out of tape markers. Trekked around the not-so-noticeable false peak (at 180 m asl). This route is South-side of false peak. [easy-moderate]
Leg 4: From spur enter into saddle, trekked the shrubs, headed up to fern route under the sun. Scrambling required. Trampled on fern; some leveling automatically done. [moderate]

Precautions (with reminders and suggestions on what could be done):
1. Obscure trail: More tape markers required for trees in Leg 3. Be mindful of trekking back on Unity Trail where the forked trail to Sahabat Trail is.
2. Loose soil on fern patch: Thread with cautious. Grab fern stems to draw support -- test first before pull to support.
3: Edge on retainer wall at peak: Avoid standing right at the edge.
4. Slippery mud along Leg 1 and Leg 2 trails: Trek in small steps. Leverage on momentum instead of constant braking.

Closing remarks: From my observation, this trek (despite rated at 1-3 for difficulty) proves a little tougher than usual for some due to (i) the stamina that is required of this trek especially on legs 3 and 4 and (ii) the obscureness of parts of the route, also legs 3 and 4. This trek is a good route for those training for longer day trips. General positive consensus on viewpoint from the peak; also OK for "picnic". For some of us who can recognise the trail can do a revisit and/or lead on their own. The peak is right now free of rubbish, please promote the cleanliness of the area."

Facebook link: Selfie @ Bukit Permatang Resam aka NKVE Lookout Point

This map was done in 2014 - certain elements are no longer valid - do not use this!

A significant part of the initial hardcore trail (via Section 9 Kota Damansara or Taman Rimba Riang) is now a big part of the official route from the first trailhead - thanks to KDCF Society, TRAKS and the orang asli for having it built/leveled into a hiking-friendly path but it is still by far the most-raw of all trails (from Section 9 and 10) to the peak.

With regards to the map and hiking routes, please follow the latest trail updates provided by Kota Damansara Community Forest Society and observe the guides therein.

YouTube video (21st Sept 2014)

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