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Saturday 20 November 2021

Mountain Ranges in Malaysia (Banjaran Gunung)


West and East Malaysia (marked)

After procrastinated for 8 "contiguous" years, I finally decided to get this done once and for all and thus closed off one chapter.

Not many articles out there show the sketches to mark the official mountain ranges; for those I could locate, I had downloaded them.

Some notes: 

  • The maps are provided by a mapping aficionado who does not know where he initially got them from
  • Mapping is estimate i.e. by no means accurate
  • Mountain range names are taken from published papers and articles (see References below)
  • They are not for sale (of course) 
  • My sketches cannot be used for navigation or as official references (thus go back to published papers and articles - as source of truth)
  • Some spelling adjusted to current day

Malaysia has a total of 18 official mountain ranges:

  1. Nakawan Range (Banjaran Nakawan)
  2. Kedah-Singgora Range (Banjaran Kedah-Singgora)
  3. Bintang Range (Banjaran Bintang)
  4. Kledang Range (Banjaran Kledang)
  5. Titiwangsa Range (Banjaran Titiwangsa)
  6. Benom Range (Banjaran Benom)
  7. Tahan Range (Banjaran Tahan)
  8. Pantai Timur Range (Banjaran Pantai Timur)
  9. Crocker Range (Banjaran Crocker)
  10. Trus Madi Range (Banjaran Trus Madi)
  11. Witti Range (Banjaran Witti)
  12. Maitland Range (Banjaran Maitland)
  13. Brassey Range (Banjaran Brassey)
  14. Tama Abu Range (Banjaran Tama Abu)
  15. Iran Range (Banjaran Iran)
  16. Hose Range (Banjaran Hose)
  17. Kapuas Hulu Range (Banjaran Kapuas Hulu)
  18. Kelinkang Range (Banjaran Kelinkang)


West Malaysia (click to see/download original image)

East Malaysia (click to see/download original image)


  • Reconnaissance Study to Identify Micro Hydro Potential Sites in Malaysia (Reconnaissance Study to Identify Micro Hydro Potential Sites in Malaysia, 2010)
  • Comparative phylogeography of four montane birdspecies in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo (2007)

 Feel free to use or reference here the images above.