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Sunday 25 May 2014

Long-deserted Bukit Permatang Kumbang

Trigonometrical Station
Trig station at the peak of Bukit Permatang Kumbang

It was a success solo search for this little-known small hill of about 180 metres in altitude. Initially with an on-and-off trail then complete absence of trail. An official map which I do not have but seen it states 577 feet.

An old photo from an online document

The nearby flat peak connects to a trail used by the HHH. Strangely, the trig station was not touched for years. Either the HHH folks know about this inconspicuous location and couldn't be bothered with it or they might not know it at all. I couldn't locate pics of this place on Google.

On 19th February 1989, a Flying Tiger B747 cargo aircraft crashed on the slopes of this peak. The bodies were successfully retrieved from the crash site. Today, according to the news (dated 2012), the remnants are no longer there as they were all picked up, especially by the nearby residents.

The structure had lost its small shelter at the top, now left only with the supporting tripod poles; still sturdy to date. The JUPEM disc still remain mounted on top of the good-condition marker stone.
JUPEM disk still mounted on top of the marker stone

I still have a couple of areas to recce; have not decided on entry point, and need to consult my previous track logs vs the virtual boundaries.

All photos from compact P&S.

Yours Truly with the trig station

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