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Monday 18 August 2014

Simple DIY idea: Used toilet roll to keep ropes, strings and cords in place during outdoor camping trips (string packs)

Many of us who do overnight camping trips will sure bring along ropes, strings and cords to set up ridgeline for flysheet and hammocks, pitching tents and tie guylines to the ground. 

Usually, on the last day of the camping event, nylon strings and smaller-diameter nylon ropes that are still attached to tent or flysheet grommets are left untidied, in a rush to vacate the campsite. They may be left as they are (i.e. messy/tangled) or tidied back home using the standard rope care for coiling unattached rope (see pic 1 below).

Pic 1: Coiled rope

For spare small ropes/strings that are not already attached to anything, or ropes for standby/emergency, here is one simple tool (see pic 2 below) you can DIY to hold them neat and tight. 

Pic 2: A familiar sight - the common toilet roll!

You can use the entire roll for lengthy ropes but I found half roll already can hold up to 6 metres of rope, so we can make 2 smaller rope holders. We don't have to bring the whole rope (see pic 3 below). This tool is ideal for strings and small ropes as when they are tangled, they are messier to undo than the larger rope counterparts.

Pic 3: Rope in bulk.

The process to prepare the holder is really simple. As you would have guessed it: Cut roll into 2 pieces > flatten the roll > cut 2 slits per side > remove slit portion > flatten it with stapler (see pic 4 below).

Pic 4: Setting up the roll

The rest of the process of storing the rope is straightforward (see pic 5 below); finish off by melting both ends to prevent defray.

Pic 5: Step-by-step on how to store rope

There you go. Don't forget to bring along a few of these handy emergency rope/string packs. Happy Camping!