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Friday 2 November 2018

RFID stickers... finally, my turn

Detection test.. passed (for my sticker on windscreen)
No. After online sign-up does not mean you are immediately registered for the fitment (installation). At least in my case. That was more than two months back after the rejection mail stating full at that time.

Not what I was expecting

I thought the centre is somewhere inside Kepong Village Mall, Bandar Menjalara. I practically rummaged the whole building only to find out it is located at the car park outside the mall, and that was after I asked a real person. Repeat: I had to ask...

This moving centre (truck) will remain here till end of year unless a new directive is given.

Detection gun

The detection gun will be similar with the overhead detector at the toll. You can drive at 25 kmh (max recommended) to open the boom gate.

After polish, the sticker is placed on the untinted headlamp

The installer said that any tampering of the sticker will void its usefulness. Said it will remain in that position for a good five years!

The completed work

The sticker has to be on the outside, either on the windscreen or headlamp, preferably untinted. The more metal content, the chances of detection failing are higher.

My tint is without a high metal content so is possible on the windscreen

For more info about the RFID sticker, go to This is also the same site you can sign up for it. Once you're selected (notified via email - so remember what credentials you use to sign up as you will need that later), you'll be led to the registration (via email) page to input your personal details and also select the date and time for fitment. Next up... top up your eWallet!