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Saturday 28 July 2018

Citrus on Conifer Trail (Guling Gantang & Sempah)

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Some quick notes

  1. As advised later by someone in the know, they are not lemons as the shape of lemons are generally ellipsoidal and not round. Without the leaves to confirm the exact fruit, this fruit is presumed to be Citrus macroptera, or jeruk hutan (for now until corrected); it has many other names as well.
  2. There are no trigonometrical stations at the peaks of Guling Gantang and Sempah. However, at Sempah peak, there is the stone marking the Pahang-Selangor border. 
  3. The height of Gunung Sempah (1,205 m) is comparable with Gunung Hitam (1,220 m) in Hulu Langat but Sempah trail is more risky - risk of body and ankle injury - the "dry" stream where rocks are aplenty and steep slopes higher up. Some parts have ropes affixed but more are needed. If rain... good luck!
  4. It takes about an hour to get to Guling Gantang and another two hours to Sempah.
  5. The 'conifer trail' or 'denai konifer' (as called by me) stretches about one third of the distance from the trailhead to Guling Gantang; along the trail you can pick up beautiful pine cones!
  6. There are ample parking space at the Hutan Lipur Konifer car park; there are a couple of washrooms in the park. If you are not comfortable parking at that car park, drive further up another 200-250 metres and you can park your car by the road at a Malay roadside cafe.

Trailhead is just by the side of the slip road to Rumah Pam

Alternative parking space further up

Water source in between Guling Gantang and Sempah

That's big!

Pill millipede

Giant millipede

Sempah peak

Selangor-Pahang state border stone

Temperature at noon

Climbing over this fallen tree

Collecting pine cones on the way out

Citrus macroptera (location undisclosed)

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