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Sunday 18 March 2018

Refined Tebing Gila Trail

The vertical cliffs of Tebing Gila

This revisit was to refine the Tebing Gila trail since our last visit in February. We rerouted at the beginning part - without going up the steep hill but along the riverbank, having passed by an old, abandoned shelter.

Old, abandoned shelter

Tree with humanly figure - butts!

Base of the cliff range - wind passage

The refined trail does not traverse the cliff top until Batu Gila cliff arch; instead, we determined a suitable crossover point to the other side of the cliff range (North).

Crossover point along the cliff range


Mini falls after the crossover point to connect with existing trail

Rewarding ourselves with a good splash

Map (MapSource) showing the refined trail

Overall distance (carpark-carpark) is about 12 km, slightly less than the previous trip. The trip took us 8+ hours due to recce and bushwhacking of some parts we hoped would connect us nicely but did not. The full trail end-to-end (loop format) will take roughly 5-6 hours.

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